Customize Windows 8 Mail App Default Email Signature “Sent from Windows Mail”

Now we have the trial version on Windows Enterprise Edition for 90 days which can rearm to be used for a further 90 days. As we know, Microsoft specially released the Trial copy of Windows 8 for application developers and users who want a taste of Windows 8 final features before the upcoming final release on the 26th of October. Windows 8 Enterprise is totally different from its predecessor Windows 8 Release Preview. Microsoft has added a bunch of new features in Windows 8 Enterprise Edition which were not available in Windows 8 Release Preview. Coming back to the topic, in Windows 8 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft offers the option to customize your Mail app signature “Sent from Windows Mail” with your own signature text. Before this customization option was offered, Windows default mail always used the built-in signature text and it was impossible to change it. But now we can change the default signature text with a custom one. To customize Windows 8 Mail App signature, you need to follow the instructions given below.

Customize Windows Mail Default Signature with Your Own :

1. To change the Windows 8 Mail signature, you must have configured Mail app. You can do it after opening the Mail app from the Windows 8 Start Screen. Once you configure your Microsoft account with Mail app, open it and use the Win + I keyboard shortcut to access the Account settings.


2. Clicking on the Accounts option in the above step will open the Accounts panel where you need to click the account which you are using in the Windows 8 Mail App.


3. If you successfully complete all the above steps then this is the final step for you. When you choose your Windows 8 Mail App account from the available accounts, it will open the account settings panel where you can customize your Microsoft account details and Mail app signature as well. As you can see in the image below, there is an option to turn on/off Windows 8 Mail App signature feature with text where you can type your own signature text.


You can also customize account signature using my earlier article How to Add Signature in

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