Convert/Print Bookmarks and Multiple Websites into Single PDF File

At present, the internet is the fastest growing service all over the world and it is going to expand even further. All internet users primarily use the internet for browsing through websites to search the information they want. When someone gets the information they are looking for on a website, they save that web page using a simple Save option. When you press Save from the File menu bar, Firefox saves your favorite web page on the system with all the sources like images, scripts, codes and other things related to that particular web page. For a single page, it is not a big issue but it can be a problem if you want to save a large number of website pages since you need to save lots of data on your computer and managing a large number of website pages is not an easy task. Another way is to take a print out of your favorite web page but this is not a cost-effective method as you need to spend a sizeable amount on paper. So, the right solution is to save your favorite web page as a PDF file. PDF files are widely used document file types and are very easy to manage. You can move PDF files everywhere and even share them on the internet as email attachments.

There are lots of add-ons available for Firefox to convert a single website page into a PDF file. To save multiple website pages in a single PDF file, Print pages to PDF is the best Firefox add-on. Using this add-on, you can create a single PDF file for bookmarks, browser tabs and scrapbook pages. PDF files created using Print pages to PDF can be sent by email or you can print them out.

How to use Print pages to PDF Add-on ?

Once you download (link at the end of this post) and install this Add-on on Firefox, you can access it from the right-click context menu. When you open Print pages to PDF from the right-click context menu, it gives you a total of four options. The first option is Print active Tab which can save your current active tab as a PDF file with all available graphics on the web page. The second option can save a web page as PDF but it saves only text and not the graphics of the web page. The third and fourth options are similar to the first and second options respectively, the only difference being that these can save not only the current tab but also all the tabs that you have opened in Firefox. You can get the same options from Firefox tools menu along with Print page to PDF settings.

If you don’t like the current PDF page, you can customize this Add-on as this add-on supports many settings to customize PDF files before saving them. You can access its settings by clicking on the Tools menu where you will see Print pages to PDF options and then Preferences. In the General tab, you can set basic settings of this add-on like Automatic start, Close Dialog and open PDF. When you move your cursor to any of these settings, it will show a tooltip to understand these settings. In the same tab, you can set an output folder for the newly created PDF file from web page and the appropriate Open with program as well.

Click on the Pdf (global) tab to set PDF file settings such as page size of the PDF file like A4, A5, A6, letter and so on. In the sub-tab Document preferences, you have an option to set the color scheme of the PDF file: color or grayscale. Color settings can reduce or increase PDF size because color PDF files take more space than grayscale PDF files.

Finally, the Pdf (Webpage) tab gives you the option to change other PDF related settings like header, footer, text margin, font and font size. All these settings make this add-on really useful to save any web page as a PDF file. You can also save multiple tabs using this small tool. If you are a student or looking for any tutorials then this tool can be handy to save your favorite tutorials on the computer. You can also print the same PDF files at any time.

[Download Print pages to PDF Firefox Add-on]

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