Configuring Thunderbird for Gmail and Yahoo Accounts

Thunderbird is an Mozilla created email client software similar to Microsoft Outlook. Thunderbird supports POP and IMAP protocol for offline reading of your email messages. But to start your email in Thunderbird, you need to configure it so that it starts synchronization with your email account and downloads all your emails from you web email inbox. In this article, I will tell you about Thunderbird configuration for Gmail email account. Configuring Thunderbird to work with Gmail is a relatively simple process.

How to configure Thunderbird for Gmail ?

1. Download the latest Thunderbird version.

2. After installation, start Thunderbird. Now click on Tools then select Accounts Settings options.


3. In Account Settings window, click on Account Actions and select the Add Mail Account.. option.


4. Now enter all account information on Mail Account Setup window. In the below image, I have entered Gmail account settings but you can enter any other email provider settings like Yahoo, Hotmail and Live too.


5. After short time of processing, it will show your account’s Incoming and Outgoing settings. Now click on Create Account button.


6. When you click on the Create Account button, Thunderbird starts downloading your emails from Mail accounts for offline reading.


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