Change the Default Color and Text of Firefox Button with CustomAppButton

Some time ago, the developers at Firefox took all the options and put them under a single Firefox button. However, they have provided an option to disable it and get the old menu back in Firefox. Unfortunately though, there is no option to customize the Firefox button itself. If you are one of the millions of Firefox users, there is a chance that you don’t particularly like the appearance of the Firefox button and want to changes its color. Like I said, there is no option in Firefox to customize your Firefox button.

To override the default button color and text, you can take the help of CustomAppButton, a nice Firefox add-on that can be installed on the Firefox browser. Using this add-on, you can apply your own CSS color code according to your Firefox version or simply use the predefined color settings. You can select any color from the preset array of colors and view the live effect on your Firefox button.


In the General tab of this add-on, you can set your own name or the text that you want to show on the Firefox button. If you don’t like the changes, you can click on the Reset button to get the default button text back. In the same tab, you can add user defined CSS codes which is a nice option for advanced users. CSS can be changed for the button’s normal style, hover style and open style as well. This option requires a little knowledge of CSS and its working.


CustomAppButton is not a single feature add-on but can help you customize your Firefox button in three different ways. Apart from color and button text customization, you can set events for mouse buttons. These events work only when you click on the Firefox button and not anywhere else. For example, in the Events tab you can set the middle mouse-button as a bookmark. Now whenever you press the middle button of your system mouse on the Firefox button, it will open the Bookmarks menu. Similarly, you can set the Right-click mouse button for a different action. The left button option is not added because it is already used by Firefox to open Firefox button options.


CustomAppButton is a pretty neat Firefox add-on to have some fun with Firefox’s default button. You can set your own name on the Firefox button and surprise your friends.

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