Build Your Own Customized Chrome Themes and Share Them with the World

I like customization and I have a penchant for customizing Windows and its applications to suit my needs. Customization does not necessarily mean changing the program code but can be visual customization too like changing themes, icons and wallpapers in Windows. The most common customization to be done by almost everybody in Windows is themes. A majority of applications and software comes with theme support that can be changed. One such example where theme customization is pretty common is Google Chrome. I prefer Google Chrome over other browsers because it is fast, reliable and supports user customization with minimal efforts. Today, I will review a free online service called which lets you create your own custom theme in the quickest way possible. This is not the first time I am reviewing a service that can create Chrome themes. Last year, I had reviewed the official Google Chrome App My Chrome Theme which is the best and most popular app by Google for creating Chrome themes.

How to Use

To create your own first customized Chrome theme, go to You can start designing a theme instantly without any type of registration. You can use this online Chrome theme designer in two ways – you can either create your own Chrome theme from scratch or you can use it to customize an existing Chrome theme by uploading it on this website. Once you are ready to create your first theme, open the website and enter the theme name that you want to give to your own customized Chrome theme.


In the first step, you need to upload the image that you want to set as the Chrome theme background; image size should be minimum 800 x 600px. The uploading progress can be tracked by the uploading progress bar and once your image is uploaded successfully, you can view it on the preview panel on the right side of your screen.


Uploading an image in the first step completes most of your work and in the second step, you can set your theme color. You can set your Chrome theme color as one of the predefined colors or you can click on the Colors tab to set any custom color.


This is the last step where you need to click on the Pack and Install button to create and use your own customized theme. You can also use the share option to share your newly created theme with others.

The above process is only for basic theme designing but you can use some more advanced options like Images, Color and Pack to customize your theme further.



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