Boot UI Tuner: Customize Windows 8 Boot Screen and Boot Menu

Windows 8 comes with a hybrid boot feature which makes it faster than Windows 7 and earlier operating systems from Microsoft. The new boot mechanism in Windows 8 loads the operating system within a few seconds so that your system is ready right away. And it is due to this improved booting speed of Windows 8 that Microsoft has removed the booting logo, message and loading circle from its booting screen. Now I’m sure that this fact isn’t of much consequence for most Windows users but there might be a few users who are fond of the old boot screen from Windows 7 and would like to get it back. Luckily for such users, several features in Windows 8 are merely hidden, not permanently removed and thus can be enabled with some clever tweaks and tricks.

Windows 8 booting logo and other related settings are also hidden and we can enable them by using a little customization tool called Boot UI Tuner. The boot manager in Windows 8 has some hidden settings and features which are not accessible directly but can be accessed with Boot UI Tuner. Boot UI Tuner is a portable application and runs without using any system resources. To enable the Windows logo, message and loading circle instantly, select the relevant option from the application’s main interface and click on the Apply button. You can also use the Default option to reset all the boot settings back to their default state in case you don’t like the changes on your Windows 8 Booting Screen.


Apart from these simple tweaks, Boot UI Tuner can also be used to enable some advanced features on the Booting Screen. Users who want to show advanced options permanently on the Booting Screen can enable the option labeled Enable advanced options of boot menu after which it will show many advanced options like debugging, safe mode, etc.


To edit kernel settings on Windows 8 startup, you can enable the Enable editing of boot options at startup option. Boot UI Tuner is a fine tool to work with Windows 8 boot options and screen without setting up complicated tweaks.

With help of Boot UI Tuner you will be able:

  • Enable advanced options of boot menu – such options as safe mode, debugging and so on will be available before every boot of your Windows 8;
  • Enable editing of boot options – this allows you to specify an addition options for kernel. They are similar to good old boot.ini features;
  • Disable blue Windows Logo during boot;
  • Disable spinning circle during boot;
  • Disable text messages during boot – messages like “Please wait”, “Updating registry – 10%” and so on;
  • Disable whole modern boot UI and turn it into legacy mode.

It is available for Windows 8 x86 and Windows x64.

[Download Boot UI Tuner]

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