Block Internet Access of Any Application in Windows without Entering in Firewall Settings

Firewall is an important part of Windows 7 and without Firewall protection Windows can be hacked into by lots of viruses and malwares. Firewall is an advanced security layer for Windows and not everyone can edit its rules; it is especially difficult for an average computer user to apply their own Firewall rules. But sometimes we need to edit Windows Firewall to block some application’s internet access but don’t know how to do this. At this point one freeware application can help you.

Firewall App Blocker is a freeware tool that allows you to block any application’s internet access within seconds without doing any manual entry in Windows Firewall. Using the application is very easy – just start it, click the Add button and browse the application that you want to block from internet access. You can also drag and drop any application you want to block on Firewall App Blocker window.


I’m sure that some of my visitors will now want to know why we might block any application in Firewall in the first place. There are many reasons to block an application in Firewall like for example, your system has installed an important application that hogs a huge chunk of bandwidth of your limited speed internet connection. You can block that application using Firewall App Blocker and free-up your internet speed. If your system has any chat software installed and you want nobody to use them you can do so by using this small application. To block chat software like Yahoo and Gtalk browse both applications using Firewall App Blocker and apply Firewall blocking. Now nobody will be able to use these software to chat with friends as the blocked software will not be able to access internet connection.

You can use this small Firewall App Blocker with all types of third party antivirus firewalls but there is a possibility that some antivirus will show false virus warning for this application. This application is tested and 100% clean from all types of virus. Firewall App Blocker can be used on Windows 7 but its developers have not tested it with Vista and Windows 8 yet. It is a portable application and in the ZIP pack you will find two versions of this application, first for 32bit Windows and another for 64bit Windows.

[Download Firewall App Blocker]

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