Bitdefender QuickScan: Fast and Free Online Scanner for PC

Cloud based antivirus is gaining popularity slowly but steadily due to the fact that a cloud based antivirus never needs to be updated. It even checks for virus directly using an online virus scanner engine. The main purpose of cloud based antivirus is to cut the size of antivirus. Day by day, lots of virus are being detected and antivirus manufacturing companies need to add them to their antivirus program database and this increases the size of their database gradually. One more feature that we can get by using cloud based antivirus is that we can protect our computers all the time from the latest virus and threats. But cloud antivirus programs have their own limitation – you need internet connectivity all the time to get protection from all types of virus. But these days internet connection is not the biggest issue.

BitDefender QuickScan is the latest online tool developed to scan computers without installation of any heavy antivirus program on the system. It works and scans your system’s critical areas like a locally installed antivirus program without slowing down the PC. It performs its virus scanning with the help of an online antivirus engine so it takes a few seconds to install on the system. To use this online, first of all, visit BitDefender QuickScan and press the Scan now button. After pressing the Scan now button, Bitdefender QuickScan will install a small extension on your browser; click on the Install button to confirm.


Once the Bitdefender QuickScan extension is installed, it will start the scanning process instantly and you can see the progress bar while Bitdefender QuickScan scans critical areas of the system. You can also start scanning by clicking on the Bitdefender QuickScan icon on the Chrome toolbar. After complete scanning, it will display the results.


It can scan all types of viruses on the system including keyloggers, hidden rootkits and malwares and show you the final result at the end of the scanning process. It has only one drawback and that is it does not come with a cleaning solution. It can only detect the viruses and tell you about any running virus program on the system. But this is a good option to check your current running antivirus on the system to see if it is able to catch any virus or not. You will get a free download offer of Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 also at the end of scanning. I think this tool has been released for advertisement purposes by Bitdefender but you can use it for free and test your system for any virus.

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