Avast 8 is Available for Download with Lots of New and Improved Features

Avast is a well known antivirus solution provider and millions of users have its free and paid antivirus programs installed on their computer and handheld systems. If you are also one of the Avast antivirus users, you will be very will happy to know that Avast has finally released Avast 8 which has lots of new interface and better GUI options as compared to recent Avast 7 version. The new Avast 8 comes with new improvements to existing features and has also added some interesting new features to make it more reliable and secure. I have downloaded and installed it personally on my system to review all of its new features and added improvements to write a review for my tech savvy and loyal blog visitors. Here is a complete list of changes that have been made in the latest version of Avast 8.

All New User Interface

If you are a regular user of Avast antivirus, then you might have probably noticed that Avast always changes its antivirus UI with every new release and this time again Avast 8 has been made available to its users with a brand new UI for enhanced usability. Avast developers have developed and redesigned the complete user interface with all the modern navigation techniques. They have also taken care towards the fact that the new Avast users should not face any issues while using the program and they should be able to access all the advanced and customizable features easily.


New Touch Screen Optimization

As you know that Windows 8 is also available for Tablets and as a result, it has become very important for software developers that the app they are developing for Windows 8 systems should also support touch functionality. The new Avast 8 has large control buttons so that all the Tablet users can easily control Avast 8 antivirus security program.

Apart from UI changes, Avast 8 has also been added with some new protective features like:

Software Updater

Software Updater in Avast 8 is a newly added feature which automatically takes care of the installed software on your system. Avast 8 Software Updater feature shows you an overview of all your outdated software applications and prompts you to update your databases to keep yourself protected from security vulnerabilities.

Browser Cleanup

This is yet another newly added feature in Avast 8 antivirus program. A lot of free software bundled with unwanted toolbars and plugins are installed on your system without your permission. Browser Cleanup feature on Avast 8 works as a one click maintenance center that helps you to delete all the unwanted toolbars and plug-ins from your browsers with one click.


All these features that I have mentioned above are newly added into Avast 8 antivirus program. Apart from these new and improved features, Avast 8 has also improved some of its existing security features that make it a fully secure and functional real time antivirus program and can also be considered far better than its predecessors. Avast 8 has been redesigned with a new and improved version of antivirus and anti-spyware engine which ensures that the program is able to get hold of viruses and safeguard the system within fractions of seconds.

Real time virus database updates and streaming have also been taken care of in Avast 8. The new improved real-time database always protects your system from virus threats and programs that enter your system while real time browsing and surfing the internet. Your antivirus database will be continuously updated with latest definitions if your system connected to an active internet connection.

I have reviewed all the important features and improvements that will help you in understanding how Avast 8 Security is more secure and user-friendly for both desktop and tablet systems.

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