Attach SkyDrive and Drop Box Using Windows 8 All My Storage App

Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive are major players in the online cloud storage service sector. Both the services are enriched with numerous features which have helped make online cloud storage easy and affordable for computer users. SkyDrive and Dropbox are available for most of platforms including Android, iOS, Mac as well as Windows. You can access both these services using their client application without manually navigating the website in the browser.

To access these services on your computer, you need to install the client application for each service and this might be an issue for lots of computer users. This is the only reason that most users avoid using client applications to access Dropbox and SkyDrive and prefer the online version of SkyDrive and Dropbox instead. As we know, Microsoft Windows 8 has a built-in app to access SkyDrive in Windows but it can’t add the Dropbox service. However, as always, we now have a suitable app called All My Storage that can do it easily.

The latest Windows 8 app, All My Storage, is a powerful app which allows you to access your local storage, SkyDrive and Dropbox accounts together. It comes with an easy to use Metro Interface where you can manage local storage, SkyDrive and Dropbox in one click. Additionally, you can also play your local media files or stream cloud media from Dropbox as well. You can also move important data and document files from one account to another without any hassle. Searching within the local storage, SkyDrive and Dropbox at the same time is also possible. It is a good alternative for Windows 8 RTM and Tablet users where client application installation is not possible.


How to Use All My Storage App in Windows 8?

1. First of all, you have to install All My Storage App from Windows 8 Apps Store and you can use my previous guide to learn more about how to install apps from Windows 8. After installing the app, start it and tap the Link new account option which will be available at the App Bar (as depicted below).


2. Now you need to link your local storage account. To link your local storage, enter the name of your account and select the storage provider. Choose My Local File System and finally, locate the Root Folder Location using the Select Root Folder button. For Root Folder Location, you can use any drive or any available folder. Once you have entered all the required information, click on the Link button and Allow the access in the next popup.


3. You can thus link your SkyDrive and Dropbox account in a similar fashion. To link SkyDrive and Dropbox to All My Storage app, you need to select the appropriate Storage Provider from the list.


4. Once you link all the accounts, you will be able to access them from the All My Storage Dashboard.


Using the simple steps mentioned above, you can easily link your Local Storage, SkyDrive, and Dropbox accounts into a single place and manage them easily.

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