ASTRO File Manger: Free File Manager for Android Device

Using Android device and have lots of files on device ? if your answer is yes then you need one good file manager to manage all your files and folders. ASTRO File Manger is a freeware Android application let’s you easily browser and organize pictures, music, videos and documents. Using this freeware application you can copy, move, delete, rename, backup or ZIP your files with a few button taps. I know that these all features are not enough to prove any application prefect as best manager so one more thing in ASTRO File Manager makes it perfect. You can use share option in ASTRO File Manager like built-in support for Windows networking, SFTP and Bluetooth. Using ASTRO File Manager you can get a quick graphical look into your SD Card usage, or manage that usage by deleting or moving files.


What you can do with ASTRO File Manager ?

1. Copy, move, delete, rename, backup or ZIP your files with a few button taps.

2. Share file with friends using Bluetooth and Windows sharing option also available.

3. You can check complete details of files and folders.


How to download and install ASTRO File Manager ?

You can download ASTRO File Manager from here. Or you can login with Android Market and use search option to find out ASTRO File Manger. Installation is same like any other Android application installation.

I hope you will enjoy this application on your Android device and easily organize your pictures, music, videos and other files. Please comment below with your views and opinions. You can also comment for any other Android application review.

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