AnonymoX: Start Anonymous Browsing using Firefox Add-On

Anonymous browsing is very popular between internet users because we can use it to hide themselves behind someone. Using anonymous browsing we can access internet without worry about tracking and hacking our information on internet. Anonymous browsing is most popular in offices and colleges because only these area always protected with firewalls and firewall ban us to access most of websites. So it is quite frustrating for internet user because they have internet but can’t access websites. One best way to access restricted websites are use online anonymous browsing service and you can find dozens of popular websites that is providing this service free and paid also. Along with online tools we can use some popular software to access internet anonymously. But today I will review about a Firefox Add-on which will help you to access and browsing internet anonymously. It is anonymoX and it is quit easy to use Add-on for Firefox. With anonymoX your are able to bypass many sorts of blocks by jelling a virtual Identity in another Country with only a few mouse clicks. Once you install this Add-on, it will show one quick access icon on Firefox tool. You can set settings using this icon and start browsing anonymously.


In AnonymoX preferences allow us some more options like you can enable/disable show IP and country flag. You can also use Reset all notification setting option to reset this Add-on with default settings.


AnonymoX feature;

-browse the www anonymously
-change your IP-Adresse (to one provided by us)
-visit blocked/censored websites
-appear to originate from another country
-delete cookies, show your public ip, change browser id, ….
-visit websites via Tor. Also access hidden sites (.onion)

[Install AnonymoX Firefor Add-on]

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