Andatube: Windows 8 App to Watch and Download YouTube Videos

Windows 8 Apps Store is now more than 6 months old but YouTube is yet to release am official app to watch YouTube videos on Windows 8. However, now that Google has released its search engine app there are rumors for an official YouTube Windows 8 App. The App that I am going to share in this article is not the only YouTube app on Windows 8 Store; I have already reviewed YouTube Player app and YouTube Metro App on this blog.

Andatube is yet another powerful YouTube app for Windows 8 that can browse, stream and download YouTube videos on Windows 8. Andatube is a freeware app limited time offer and can play and download most of the videos available on YouTube. It supports multiple features which are not available on any other YouTube app for Windows 8. All its features and options can be accessed from the App Bar which appears when you right-click on the screen. You can check the lyrics of played songs, if they are available, from the playback window. The App Bar allows you to check the currently playing video and control it using the available options. On the same App Bar, you can choose the Download option to download the videos on your local drive which is particularly useful because now you don’t have to install a separate YouTube downloader software on Windows 8. While downloading any video, Andatube asks you to choose the download video quality which can be set as Low, Medium or High. You can check the download process with the Downloading list option.


The Search feature lets you search your favorite videos within YouTube and watch them instantly.


Andatube is an awesome, easy to use YouTube app and is far better than all the apps I have previously reviewed on this blog. The YouTube download option is a good way to download your favorite music or videos to view them offline. Overall, the performance of this app is quite impressive but as of now this app is only available as a trial version and shows the trial notification every time you try to access its features. Download limit is also for 3 videos only.


  • Show current Music Hit List.
  • Show current Movie Hit List.
  • When you play a music video, you can sing along with the lyric.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Download your videos (Low, Nedium, High) Quality.
  • Create the playlist from your offline or online collection without limit.
  • Search your favorite YouTube videos.
  • Support snapped, fill, and also portrait mode.
  • No ads.

[Andatube on Windows 8 Apps Store]

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