All About Windows 8 Modern UI Search [Full Windows 8 Search Guide]

There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of Windows 8. It contains a number of updates and has new features that were not a part of old operating systems like Windows 7, Vista and XP. The most popular innovation seen in Windows 8 is the Start Screen. As we know, Microsoft replaced the Start Menu with a Start Screen when they introduced Windows 8 for the first time last year. In addition, Microsoft has introduced the Charms Bar and a new search system for Windows 8 along with the existing search feature of Windows to search for apps, settings and files which was not possible with the default Windows search feature. Microsoft has added the new Search system in the Charms Bar where you can use it to search different areas of Windows 8.

How to Search in Windows 8?

Windows 8 users have the option to access the new search feature directly from the Charms Bar or they can also use Win + Q key combination to open the search bar any time. Once you start the Search in Windows 8, you will see that there are many different categories to filter the search like Apps, Settings, Files, and Search within Apps. Today, I will explain every part of searching so that after reading this article, you have a pretty good idea about how to use Windows 8 Modern UI Search feature to increase Windows 8 productivity and time efficiency.

Search for Apps:

If you are a software addict and love checking out new apps then this option is for you and you only. Installing loads of apps and software in Windows 8 makes it difficult to find out the installed apps later. But with the Search Apps filter, you can search for and find any apps that have been installed on your Windows 8 system and contain your entered keyword. For example, if you just type the “wea” in the Search bar, the result screen will show you the Windows 8 Weather app. Similarly, you can search all kinds of apps and it’s easier than manually searching any app. Another thing that I want to share with you is that normal software like Adobe, Photoshop can be searched by using the Windows 8 default search system but if you want to search for apps then you must use the Windows 8 Charms Bar Search feature.


Search for Settings:

Windows 8 Modern UI Search bar is an excellent option for browsing all of Windows and its Modern UI settings. You can click on the Settings filter to find any Windows setting that you are looking for like for example, you can type the keyword ‘recovery’ to access all the recovery related settings. Similarly, if you wish to configure Windows 8 Start Screen settings, just enter the keyword ‘start screen’ and you will get instant results with all settings related to the Start Screen. You can access both, the Control Panel and Modern UI settings, by using the Search Bar.


Search for Files:

The Files filter works like a normal Windows 8 Search system and helps you to find any file that you want to access from the computer. Once you enter the keyword, you will get the search results arranged in categories such as All, Documents, Pictures and Others. Charms Bar Modern Search feature shows results faster than the default Windows search option. So if you are in a hurry and want to search files quickly then you should try the new Windows 8 Search feature.


All the above filters are very useful to search Windows 8 but you can use the same search feature to search for apps in Windows 8 Apps Store too. You can read my previous guide “How to Search and Install Apps from Windows 8 Apps Store” to become more familiar with Windows 8 Modern Search.

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