8StartButton: New Modern UI Based Start Menu for Windows 8 [Latest Release]

Windows 8 was released last year and and got a huge response from Windows users. Personally, I haven’t seen any other OS that has gained so much worldwide popularity in such a short time span. In fact, it will not be too much of a stretch to say that it is the most anticipated OS by Microsoft. I have been testing its features ever since its beta release and have reviewed a number of them here on my blog for my visitors. The most noticeable changes made by Microsoft was the removal of Start Menu from Windows 8 and the addition of the new Modern UI Start Screen. This move has got mixed responses, some Windows 8 users have welcomed the drastic change while others have criticized it. For those who are not happy with these changes, I have reviewed several applications and tools to get the Start Button back in Windows 8. Some of the popular Start Menu applications are Start8, ClassicStart8, StartW8, Start Menu X and many more that you can check here.

A recently launched app called 8StartButton tries to change the complete Start Menu concept for Windows 8. It gets the Start Menu back in Windows 8 but not in the old style. Rather, it brings a new unique Modern UI based Start Menu replacement that works exactly like the classic Start Menu and has lots of other features as well. It comes with a customization feature so you can change its look and feel as you like or according to the current theme you have set on Windows 8.


8StartButton has many features and you can fully customize it to add a personal touch. You can customize the Start Button and the tiles with your own color scheme. In order to change the action of any available tile, you just right-click on it. Titles button target can be a file or any folder that will open automatically when you click on the titles.


To configure its settings, you can right-click on its Start Menu icon from the Taskbar. In the settings panel, you can either enable or disable the existing features and behavior of 8StartButton. Some of the settings include Go to the Windows Desktop once Windows startup complete, Make app screen and search panel translucent and Hide the Windows 8 start area when working on the desktop. You can also check two more tabs: Button image settings and Other settings.


8StartButton is a good replacement for all existing applications for getting the Start Menu back in Windows 8. This application is more user friendly and supports customization to a further extent than all other popular Start Menu software. 8StartButton is available in two versions, free and paid. To confirm its features and working, you should try its free version first then if you like it, you can go for its paid version. Note that you need to register your email ID on the developer website to get to its download page.

[Download 8StartButton]

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